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Procurement Policy

Furniture rental conditions - +

All furniture is subject to availability

To assure timely furniture reservation and delivery the following conditions should be met:

  • Send the list with the chosen furniture along with delivery date and complete delivery address.
  • Novorenta, SA de CV will provide a budget.
  • Confirm, by written document, budget acceptance.
  • Provide fiscal information of the company:
    • Fiscal Name
    • Fiscal Address
    • Fiscal Identification Number (R.F.C.)
    • Name of the Legal Representative
    • Contact Name
    • Fax and telephone numbers
  • Novorenta, SA de CV will provide the following documentation:
    • Furniture Rental Contract
    • Invoice and Receipt for the guarantee deposit
  • Return signed Contract along with the payment of the first month of rent along with guarantee deposit before delivery date.

For any additional information, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Quotes: - +

  • Transportation charges include round trip (delivery and return), except for medium and long term deliveries.
  • Additional deliveries and/or partial returns are subject to extra charges.
  • Transportation charges vary depending on:
    • Quantity of furniture,
    • Address distance from novorenta's warehouse,
    • Site type (independent house or department)
    • Special furniture handling (lifted with ropes outside the building or carried through stairs) due to building constraints such as: narrow doors, narrow halls, narrow stairs or small size elevator.
  • Transportation service will be done by 'Transportes Segura' assigned by Novorenta, S.A. de C.V.

Services: - +

  • The customer (or a person assigned by him) should be responsible of receiving or delivering the furniture whenever one of the following events takes place:
    • First goods delivery
    • Additional deliveries
    • Total return
    • Partial returns
  • All services should be requested 5 business days in advance of delivery date and in high season 2 weeks.
  • Transportation is subject to availability.
  • When expecting a transportation service, the person in charge must be on time at the place assigned.
  • Any service (delivery or return) not acomplished due to customer unattendance is subject to extra transportation charges.
  • Any change should be notified to novorenta's office during working hours.

Requests: - +

  • All goods are subject to availability.

Installations: - +

  • Novorenta does not include the installation of t.v.'s antenna, nor the gas drier's connection.
  • Novorenta is not responsible for damages caused to the electric appliances, in case of defective electric installation or plumbing in bad condition.