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Privacy Policy

NOVORENTA, S.A. C. V. (hereinafter NOVORENTA), a company incorporated under the laws of the United Mexican States (Mexico), is a company committed and respectful of Mexican laws. For NOVORENTA recognition and respect for the rights of individuals is essential and one of its general policies. NOVORENTA´s policies ensure absolute confidentiality of third parties information in its power and recognizes that such information is owned and of exclusive usage of its title owner, regardless of origin or nature.

For NOVORENTA the confidentiality and security in the save guard and treatment of your personal data is a priority; therefor the protection and save guard of said data is carried out through the implementation of appropriate and necessary measures to guarantee it. Title owners of personal information in possession of NOVORENTA can be sure that the information will be handled in a confidential manner, with strict compliance to the provisions and specifications of the present Privacy Notice and always in agreement with the Federal Law in force, namely “LEY FEDERAL DE PROTECCIÓN DE DATOS PERSONALES EN POSESIÓN DE LOS PARTICULARES” (Federal Law for the Protection of personal data in possession of individuals; hereinafter THE LAW).

Accordingly, in compliance with the provisions contained in THE LAW, in recognition of the rights of its clients, prospects and other persons regardless of their nature, which are contained in its database, NOVORENTA communicates the following: NOVORENTA, with address at Tlaloc street No. 24, Tlaxpana, Miguel Hidalgo delegation, Federal District, Zip Code 11370, which is also specified as address to receive all kinds of notifications related to the present document, states and presumes your knowledge, recognition and acceptance that the company requires your personal information primarily to provide the service you have acquired and contracted which is only natural consequence of the legal relationship existing between both parties. Secondly, NOVORENTA requires your information in order to maintain direct contact with you and be able to provide continuous monitoring and inform you of changes or setbacks of any kind related to our service; also to assess the quality of our services, as well as your level of satisfaction; to conduct surveys and updates of new products and/or services; to communicate promotions and/or advertising campaigns. Additionally, NOVORENTA will make use of your information for administrative purposes, collecting and enforcing payment and strategic planning.

In accordance with the established in the previous paragraph, the basic information that NOVORENTA requires, and you may be please asked for, is as follows: (i) full name; (ii) phones (particular, cellular, office, others); (iii) addresses (particular the business or enterprise, other); (iv) emails; (v) billing information; (vi) preferences and hobbies. NOVORENTA gadders your information preferably in a direct way; however, we may also collect your information through conventional mail; electronic mail; public and private databases or public directories; marketing campaigns; via telephone; and through our internet page

It should be noted that NOVORENTA will never ask or gadder personal information of a sensitive nature; however, if for any reason NOVORENTA should end in possession of this type of information, be absolutely sure that neither shall it be subject to the uses specified in the present document and, nor will it be subject of transfer to third parties. In the same way, your personal information of financial and patrimonial nature in possession of NOVORENTA shall be used exclusively for internal matters and to comply and enforce existing obligations arising from the legal relationship between you and NOVORENTA. It is prohibited to use this information for other purposes.

NOVORENTA assigns Maria Isabel Mendoza Escalante (Director General) as the person entitled to treat and manage your personal information. You may contact Mrs. Mendoza in the phones 555592-8909 and/or 5592-8910 or by e-mail, at any time you mean to revoke your authorization or restrict the use of your personal data in accordance with what is described in this document.

Please be informed that NOVORENTA may transfer personal data held in their databases to third parties for the purpose of exchange of references or recommendations; also to related service providers; and providers of administrative services, accounting and billing services, except when you have expressly notified your opposition, in terms of the provisions of THE LAW.

In accordance with the provisions of THE LAW, by the present Privacy Notice NOVORENTA recognizes and guarantees your personal rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition (ARCO rights for its initials in Spanish), directly related to the treatment of your personal information in the possession of NOVORENTA. In order to ensure the exercise of you ARCO rights, NOVORENTA informs you that any request related to the exercise of these rights must be addressed and notified by e-mail directly to the email of the person responsible for the processing of your confidential information (Maria Isabel Mendoza Escalante ). In accordance with THE LAW, you may also exercise your ARCO rights through written requests notified personally to the responsible person in NOVORENTA at the address specified for these purposes.

All changes in connection with this Privacy Notice of NOVORENTA will be notified by e-mail. We invite you to be aware of such changes for which we inform you that this document and its updates will be available at the following address: